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About Me

L Michael Fields, MS, LPC I am counselor in private practice on the south side of Atlanta. My experience covers infants, young adults, and many in between. Early in my career, I evaluated the overall development of infants as a part of a multidisc..

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Individual practitioner providing services in-home and in the natural environment. Specialties include autism and challenges with relating and communicating. Services provided include: - individual, family, and group counseling - psycho-education - parent coaching - daycare/preschool/school consulting (using the DIRFloortime model as a framework for understanding and supporting growth and development) Population served: infants through early adulthood


Something from my past, about the present…
I recently stumbled across this. It's something I wrote well over a decade ago. “What do we want most for our children?” The most common answer is that we simply want them to be happy. Of course the answer is usually followed by worry; how can we ..